Anonymity and the Internet: ‘The Darknet Rises’

Strict Legalism


A journal article that I got published last year has been uploaded on the internet and is available for free (page 14 – 16).

It was written at the end of 2012, and is an exploration on where the “darknet” is taking copyrighted media and online communications. For those that do not know what the darknet is, essentially it is online browsing that is completely anonymous. The article was published in the Communications Law Bulletin after I came third place in an essay competition that the Communication and Media Law Association (‘CAMLA’) holds each year. Communications and media law is not my area of expertise, however it was enjoyable to delve into this area of law over the course of a weekend.

Since I wrote that article a number of things have developed. We’ve had the revelations from Edward Snowden concerning the mass surveillance of the global population through NSA’s PRISM program…

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