Black market economy is necessary to repair the damage …

Live Free Or Die

Get angry, people. The government is spending more money than you can possibly earn, and it wants a bigger cut of it. The cut it claims for itself interferes with how you spend and care for your family. It will confiscate more and more of what you earn, and claim they need your money to ‘care’ for the ‘have nots’. (The ‘have nots’ must outnumber the ‘haves’ several times over). The government hasn’t and never will make any effort to determine who DOESN’T NEED assistance. The ‘big government’ people SCREAM bloody murder when an effective way is proposed to identify fraudsters. But we can count on them to create more categories of ‘have nots’ and the taxes to fund them. As a result, YOUR money is FLOWING unrestricted out of your control.

So, go underground. Find a way to make cash money off the books. It’s the only way the…

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