DarkMarket, the ‘untouchable’ Silk Road, won’t change name


dark-market.jpg (1440×720)

By Patrick Howell O’Neill

DarkMarket has been called an eBay killer and a new Silk Road made immune from police.

A decentralized online marketplace described as the “next generation of uncensored trade,” it has the ability to radically transform the way we think about buying and selling online. The new software relies on a peer-to-peer network and has no central point of failure.

On DarkMarket, there are no leaders to arrest or servers to shut down. Like BitTorrent, everyone using the software helps to host the market’s product pages, arbitration, and messenger service. It’s not a new business; it’s an entirely new way to do business.

And yet, much of the discussion about DarkMarket to date has centered only around its name.

Last week, thousands of DarkMarket fans launched a petition to drop the word “Dark” from the project’s title on the grounds that it evoked images of child pornography, hitmen, and…

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