David Nutt talks drug education, David Cameron, and taking a trip to Colorado on his Reddit AMA

The Nowhere Man

David Nutt, the man once termed the Nutty Professor for (god forbid!) offering a rational and logical opinion on drug policy, was on Reddit yesterday answering a host of questions. The former chief of the UK’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs lost his job in the aftermath of a ‘scandal’ (if you can deem speaking the truth as such), most memorable for his conclusion that taking ecstasy is less dangerous than horse riding.

He’s now working with DrugScience, an independent committee offering objective information on drugs and drug harm. The site is well worth checking out.

His appearance on Reddit, a community well known for its liberal attitude towards drugs, went down very well. Many users thanked him for his commitment to scientific objectivity and reason in the face of political and media pressure, while others encouraged him to contribute to the Drugs and DrugNerds subreddits, where he is considered a…

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