Found, deadly ‘mother cells’ behind cancer: Scientists trying to create drug that would kill them and path way for potential cure for the disease


Source: MailOnline, By Fiona Macrae, 15 May 2014

Scientists have got to the root of cancer.

They’ve pinpointed the deadly ‘mother cells’ that give birth to tumours and keep them alive.

A drug that kills these menacing cells could wipe out the disease – and cure patients.

Despite advances in medicine, cancer claims more than 150,000 lives a year, making it one of Britain’s biggest killers.

The ‘mother cells’, or cancer stem cells, are blamed for the disease’s spread throughout the body – the most common cause of death in cancer patients.

They are also believed to be resistant to radiotherapy and chemotherapy and so explain why cancers come back after treatment.

Long thought to exist, they have for the first time been identified and tracked in cancer patients.

The breakthrough was made by Oxford University researchers who studied men and women with a form of leukaemia.

They showed that…

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