Grams lets you easily access the “darknet” and buy guns, drugs and other illicit things online

Grams is the darknet’s answer to Google, allowing almost anyone to access unlisted merchant websites selling drugs, guns and other illegal items.

Even its logo looks similar to Google’s (sometimes) and the site’s creator, known as gramsadmin on Reddit, said that he has plans to start running Google-style consumer targeted adwords on the site in the future.

“I wanted to make it easy for people to find things they wanted on the darknet and figure out who was a trustworthy vendor,” said the search engine’s creator in an interview with Wired.

tor The Tor Project’s anonymous browser is needed to access Grams. Screenshot

The term darknet or deep web refers to web sites that aren’t indexed by search engines and are often the home of criminal activity, although this isn’t always the case with these websites. While the darknet has existed since almost the creation of the internet, until…

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