Migraine drug removed from use by the European Medicines Agency. Make sure you are not on it even in the US!

Clueless Doctors fail to keep up with the latest science.

New info that just came to me through another migraine group on Facebook that I participate in.

The European Medicines Agency now restricts a medicine often used to treat migraines (medicines in the ergot family drug) because it causes fibrosis. If you are on a drug in this family, make sure you make an appointment with your doctor and have them remove this drug from the list. This drug constricts blood vessels in your brain to increase blood pressure. I talk a ton in the upcoming book about how to increase your blood pressure naturally; no medicine is needed. In fact in the book I even provide you with drawings for some and on my website with more. For now, observe the article   and if you want to find out if your drug falls into this category, visit the US drug website to find related drugs–they are on the…

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