‘Miracle Drug’ That Reverses Heroin Overdoses Now Being Given To Patients Prescribed Opiates

CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Doctors call it a miracle drug that reverses heroin overdoses.

“It makes me feel more safe, “ heroin addict Brad Urmston said.

It’s called naloxone, also known by its trade name Narcan, and it’s the antidote for a heroin overdose.

Daniel gave it to his brother who was overdosing during those critical minutes while waiting for paramedics.

“If i wasnt’ there,”  Daniel said, “He would be dead for sure.”

Urmston overdosed three days in a row, and naloxone saved his life three times.

“I kind of like, was floating out of my body,” Urmston recalls, “And went through the whole situation looking down, and I was like, wait, I can see the guy hitting me with the narcan, and I just plunge back down into my body and say, what’s going on here?”

Opiate overdoses block signals from the brain to the lungs and breathing…

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