Number one drug

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My favorite drug isn’t something I have to hide from parents, RAs, or the police. It doesn’t usually come in little plastic bags or necessitates being smoked. It is a substance that is much easier to obtain and legal to purchase—even for minors. It can be drunk or baked in brownies and around ninety percent of Americans consume it in some capacity every day. It’s a little chemical called 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine. Obviously, I mean caffeine. People use it to stay awake, to study, to perform better in physical exercise, or just because they like the buzz it gives them; but few actually realize the brain chemistry going on to create these effects.

When I ingest and digest it, caffeine works its way to my brain, where it binds to my adenosine receptors. Normally, adenosine binds to these receptors when the body feels that it is running low on its daily energy…

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