Ohio report: Marijuana most commonly seized drug in 2013


MAHONING COUNTY, Ohio (WKBN) — Ohio task forces seized over 20,000 pounds of marijuana in 2013, making it the most-commonly-seized drug in the state for 2013, according to the Ohio Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force Report released May 15.

Synthetic hallucinogens came in second with 433, 518 grams seized, according to the report.

Locally, marijuana also claimed the top spot, with 62.58 pounds seized by the Mahoning Valley Task Force, which operates in Mahoning County and Liberty Township in Trumbull County. Unlike the state, heroin ranked second, with just over 4,822 grams seized.

“Heroin is the premiere drug threat everywhere, if you talk to any commander of any drug unit,” said Mahoning Valley Task Force Commander Jeff Solic. “They’re gonna say heroin is the biggest issue they’re dealing with.”

Solic said he is not surprised that marijuana is the number one drug seized by weight, as it is more common to find…

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