Part Me Out: Facing the Human Organ Demand

Econ Intelligence


Today’s world is faced with the worrisome dilemma of deciding whether or not to legalize the for-profit human organ market. A perplexing question considering the fact that we have the technology to successfully transplant most human organs today. In the US, the only legal organ market is voluntary, not-for-profit, and typically posthumous. However, it is clear when examining the data (Figure 1) from the Health Resources and Services Administration, today’s human organ market is nowhere near meeting current demand.

Figure 1


That is a total of just under (due to some multiple organ candidates) 121,968 Americans that are waiting for an organ transplant that will save their lives. The US Department of Health and Human Services predicts that 18 people die each day because the organ their life depended on did not reach them in time. Now and again, this subject is cast into the mainstream…

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