Silk Road 2.0 making users whole after hack


By Alex Richardson

For those unfamiliar with the shadier side of bitcoin, Silk Road 2.0 is the second incarnation of the multi-million dollar online narcotics exchange that deals entirely in crypto-currency. More than a simple exchange, however, the site has developed an extremely resilient community that has survived not one, but two massive setbacks.

The demise of Silk Road 1.0

Then called simply ‘Silk Road,’ the exchange was shut down by the feds in October of 2013, Motherboard reported at the time. In its place was a message from the U.S. government, explaining that the site had been seized by the FBI, acting in conjunction with the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, ICE Homeland Security Investigations and the DEA.

The site’s 29-year-old operator, Ross William Ulbricht, was charged with drug trafficking conspiracy, computer-related fraud and conspiracy to launder money, listed under his alias “Dread Pirate Roberts,” according to the news source. FBI agent…

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