Surface Pro 3 CPUs #Rant #Microsoft

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So we all know and love the new Surface Pro 3…. It looks amazing it should feel amazing by the looks of it and it also is kinda expensive. Maybe there is a reason for that. The best reason one can say is the build quality and that screen. But what powers all this mighty UX ? Well to be frank when you go and pay $2000 for a device you expect something like the MSI GS60 Ghost. And maybe if not that kind of performance you would want something that is close to it. IT IS A PC after all…

GS60 Ghost

But the truth is all you are getting is a big bad of dual cores. The i3, i5 and i7 models. All of them are Dual cores. Why the performance and price difference you might ask… Take a look

  • i3-4020Y, 2 cores/4 threads, 1.5ghz, no boost
  • i5-4300U…

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