The Benefits of Meditation in Drug Treatment

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medation at sunrise

Meditation has served an essential metaphysical link in eastern spiritual cultures for millennia, but only recently have western medical practitioners recognized its value in the therapeutic treatment of addictions. Meditation is not offered as a cure-all for dependence and drug seeking behaviors, but when included in a comprehensive drug treatment program, meditation offers increased self-awareness, a renewed spiritual religious connection, increased creativity, and a decrease in negative emotional responses to the stresses in life.

Because meditation induces increased peace of mind, increases a self-awareness of negative behaviors and emotions, and reduces relapse provoking stressors, it offers therapeutic benefit to patients in recovery from substance abuse and dependence.

How meditation is used in drug treatment

Meditation is a personal endeavor and is not something that necessarily needs to be expressly taught, but for accelerated learning, trained professionals guide recovering addicts through the process of meditating.

Although there are literally hundreds of…

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