The Big Idea: Canada is dangerously disengaged with the world: expert

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: The fifth instalment in The West Block’s series The Big Idea, in which we look beyond the daily political skirmishes. Here, we engage in a broader and more engaging discussion of our potential as a nation and a people.

Canada risks being left behind as the world’s economic future shifts into new regions and new dynamics.

That’s the warning delivered by Scott Gilmore, a former Canadian diplomat and founder and CEO of Building Markets. Speaking on The West Block with Tom Clark as part of the show’s Big Idea series, Gilmore says Canadians like to think they’re engaged globally but the reality is they’re not.

 “We operate under the illusion in Canada that we’re a global …multicultural society but really we’ve become very provincial, very parochial, and we’re not going overseas,” said Gilmore. The end result: “Canada is being left behind globally.”

Luckily, he said there’s a simple…

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