The Day I Killed Facebook

Stumbling Zombie

On May 4th, I deleted my Facebook account.

 I’d been considering it for a while, but hadn’t picked a specific date to do it. And then that day I’d had enough. Time to go.

Facebook can be a great tool (and was in fact the easiest and primary vehicle I used for communication in my job). But it can also suck the life out of, well, life.

And I found my life being sucked out by it; I had an obsessive compulsion to check it all the time (which I’m sure no one else can relate to), even though I didn’t actually post that much. I would surf on it just because I was bored. And I found myself comparing my life to that of those I looked at – and coming short of course, because their lives looked awesome and exciting and like they have it all together. This…

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