The Demonic Nature of Drug Abuse (Weed Counts Too)

David Diga Hernandez

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the assertion, “Smoking weed is not bad – the Bible doesn’t speak against it.” The assertions in defense of drug use grow more logically feeble as such a conversation progresses. “And, besides, it’s in the earth. It’s natural, so God doesn’t mind me putting it into my body.” Other than it being a very weak point, it’s a rather silly one when you follow through with its fundamental logic. With such reasoning, you can, by all means, with a guilt-free conscience, enjoy the pleasure of injecting snake venom, poison ivy and various natural poisons into your body. And, while you’re at it, since it occurs naturally within the earth, you might find poison hemlock to suit your criteria for what makes it into your body. My point is that it’s possible to unnaturally use anything that’s natural.

Yet the arguments get…

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