Watchdogs Torrent Has Hidden Mining Software Running in the Background

Tech Always

If any of you have downloaded the SKIDROW release of this game, i suggest you start searching your system to see if you’re mining bit coins for the faggot who uploaded it.

My system just crashed a few times trying to run this game again. Rebooted my computer and noticed 25% of my cpu was being taken by a process called “winlogin.exe”, not to be confused with “winlogon.exe” which is a legit system process. Started looking up what the fuck “winlogin.exe” was, and lo and behold, it’s a steal bitcoin mining virus. Only appeared right after running this fucking piece of shit for the first time.
This shit is located in C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingOaPja. Two exe’s resided there. Winlogin.exe which will run and take up a certain percentage of your cpu, and ltc.exe, the actual mining application. If you’ve gone through the necessary steps to get this up and running…

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