What If You Gave A (Drug) War And Nobody Came? Deputies Answer Rhetorical Question With Planted Evidence


Source: TechDirt, by Tim Cushing, Apr 29th 2014

from the internal-affairs-notes-crime-numbers-are-on-the-rise dept

Crime numbers are down. Police militarization is up. The War on Drugs continues to be fought with as much intensity as ever even as the country sides with legalization. So, when a lack of crime meets budgets, weaponry and expectations — all primed for battle — what’s a poor law enforcement officer to do?

Former deputies Julio Cesar Martinez, 39, and Anthony Manuel Paez, 32, have been charged with two felony counts of conspiring to obstruct justice and altering evidence, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. Martinez faces two additional felony counts of perjury and filing a false report.

The two deputies had already had one charge — possession of ecstasy — but that apparently wasn’t enough. Why settle for a low ball possession charge when you can add months or years to the…

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