Wire Basket With Inverted Mount

Fixtures Close Up

Wire Baskets of all sorts are not unusual mounted on Pegboard and even Slatwall Surfaces. But these units feature a new approach to Pegboard Backplates. Is it designer creativity, a patent work-around, or is there a hidden benefit to the inverted Backplate configuration? CLICK the thumbnail for a detailed closeup.

Compare and contrast basket mounts at…
Wire Basket With Inverted Mount” (This Post)
Wire Basket Hybrid Mount Sells Plush
Dual-Mount Wire Basket on Grid

For noteworthy Wire Baskets by Title
Outwater® Undulating Hook-Hung Basket
Wire Basket With Inverted Mount
Polo Ralph Lauren Cap Basket
Cinnamon Stick Up-Sell
Wireforms for HD Hardware
Pale Macy’s® or Pointy Victoria’s Secrets®
Bananas With Side Order of Donuts
Endcap Basket Upright Mounted
Wire Cage Includes Chalk Callout
Papering a Wall With…

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