Your Twitter Account That No One Reads Is Worth As Much As A Stolen Credit Card


You know what’s better than 140 characters? 140 BILLION characters! I’m not sure where I was going with that, but apparently your Twitter account is worth as much as a stolen credit card? Don’t make that face at me, it’s true. Via Juniper:

What was surprising is that information that traditionally fetched a high price on the black market is decreasing in value, making way for new, high-priced items. According to the study, Twitter accounts can cost more to purchase than a stolen credit card because an individual’s account credentials potentially have a greater yield.

Traditionally, credit card information was the currency of the black market. It demanded a high price, ranging from $20-$40 on average. However, high-profile breaches have created a recent influx of available credit card data online. As a result the scarcity and value of the stolen information is decreasing. During a large credit card breach…

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