Amsterdam Bitcoin 2014, payment protocol, stealth addresses, coinjoin and merge avoidance


Bitcoin-2014-Conference-LogoWe are getting closer and closer to what I believe to be the most important Bitcoin conference of 2014. We are really  excited to be part of it and can’t wait to meet everyone, especially the devs but also startups and ultimately what makes Bitcoin really great and
unique – the community and the people!

At this point it looks like most of the schedule is final and we are definitely looking forward to hear the keynote speech and all the feature presentations.  These presentations now have a title, but are  not ultra detailed yet:  we are guessing to hear all sorts of things, ranging from legacy-banking bridges, insurance, regulation but also more robust storage and payment solutions with ease of use, security and privacy in mind as one main focus.

Especially regarding the security and privacy we hope to hear talks about the payment protocol (for which we just finished the implementation of…

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