Bounty Hunter Rape: A Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR or TOR) MMO Game Review

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This is a game I truly love, and not just because I get to stab people, or as a anonymous friend says “Shock the Shit out of people for fun.” I get a good kick out of this game, and a bad vibe, which I shall do two long as paragraphs on each with some reasoning, and I am not going into only one faction, I’m too lazy, hence my name!

The Good:

What I find good is the overall game play and fun with friends. If you want to play with friends shocking the shit out of people, or leaping at them to cut em with your lightsaber, or just want to shoot them to death, this is the game for you. I also found quite a few of the Story Lines to be very interesting, with some boorishness to them. I have only completed one story line…

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