Confessions from the Sex life of a Network Engineer

The Quick Word

7 layers OSI model

My girlfriend is an OSI model. She always dresses in exactly 7 layers.

I specialize on the physical layer. She likes that. Even it’s the most difficult layer to debug, it’s nice to be so close to the hardware. She has a great rack too. I paid for it on our last trip to Java because hardware and silicon are cheap there.

Sometimes we argue over whether she has too many layers. I say it makes her look bloated. Then she gets upset and becomes unresponsive and makes me cry like an .onion, and then she calls me TOR. I hate that.

Then we make up and tell each other NTP jokes all night. Always great timing. I make her laugh. She sometimes cracks a UDP joke, but I never get those.

But I know she is vulnerable and I can’t help but exploit that. For me there is nothing…

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