Five Tips for the Lonely Crypto-Anarchist

Illuminaughty Boutique

So you’ve been wanting to date, but you’re also afraid to reveal your name, IP address, and physical location?  Here are our top five tips for meeting and communicating your feels to a person or persons who may be willing to couple with you!

We cannot guarantee that he's not watching you, but we take Google's word for it.

5. Incognito Mode

One of the things we’ve enjoyed about Google’s Chrome browser is the “incognito mode.”  Essentially, incognito mode creates a little “browsing bubble” that isn’t recorded in your search history, cookies, or browser history once you close the window.


  • Great for chatting people up, especially when at work, at a public library, or from a roommate’s laptop while they’re asleep.
  • Little traceable evidence on the computer you’re using, unless you’re downloading images of your prospective hotty for… later… reference purposes.


  • As Google warns, incognito mode does not protect you from your employer, your internet service provider, or the websites you visit, all of which may…

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