Greetings from jolly old England!

Erin's Run

Hello friends!

I’m in England! Well, Yorkshire to be exact (and Huddersfield to be super exact). Since everything here costs money (including some “public” bathrooms) wifi has been hard to come by, so this will probably be one of few posts! I also haven’t uploaded any pictures from my camera yet, but I still promise to do a full picture recap once I’m back in Canada.

So far England has been marvelous! We landed in London on Friday night and pretty much just drove to our hotel, ate dinner, and went to sleep. We got up early on Saturday and made our way to Plymouth, stopping at Totnes to pick up my sister (who had been rowing). Totnes is a cute little town about 20 mins from Phymouth. We got our first carvery lunch at the Dartmouth Inn in Totnes and it was soooo gooooood. For those of you who…

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