III: Textual Layers

Remix as "Concept, Material and Method" in FYC

layers Image via special permission from Volker Stock. Licensed through Flickr. All rights reserved.

On perhaps their most basic level, the practices of the DJ offer us important conceptual metaphors for writing practices we already teach and value.”

Adam Banks, Digital Griots: African American Rhetoric in a Multimodal Age

Previously, Part II: History/Futurity

Much 21st century multimodal composition is characterized by its participation in what Lawrence Lessig, among others, calls “remix culture”: a culture of free and open appropriation of other materials. Lessig argues passionately and persuasively that such practices are no less creative for their reliance on “found” materials. He explains that remix happens “[w]hen you ‘mix these symbolic [materials] together with something new, [creating], as Söderberg put it, ‘something new that didn’t exist before’” (73).

This practice should sound very familiar to scholars who write in and for the academy. Our craft, too, is…

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