Maybe I’ve Seen Too Much or Maybe Not Enough?

Matters of Gray Matter

I am not a tech-savvy person. Installing a cracked game with keygen is as tech-savvy as I’ll ever get, honestly (and if after this somebody decided to scold me for piracy, just talk to the hand 👿 ). And similar to every other child all over the world, I’m the tech-support of the house (since I’m an only child), but I am not a tech savvy person. Never went to school nor college about that kind of stuff. But nowadays technology’s getting smarter and user-friendly, that it practically just took a little will and practice to master the new and unknown. You just install that shit and it practically runs on its own. Isn’t that fucking amazing??! *imagine Doge meme inserted here*

One day a 9GAG post told me of the “Deep Web” and “Dark Internet” and whatchamacallit, kinda piqued my curiosity, but I didn’t do anything about it back then…

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