Turkish Government Bans Twitter and Hijacks IP Addresses for Popular DNS Providers

Cyber Threat Insider Blog

Written by Sheila Dahan

On March 20, Twitter was banned in Turkey by the order of the Turkish Government, owing to the dissemination of an audio clip about the corruption of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan via Twitter. The authorities inundated Twitter with hundreds of court rulings ordering them to remove the content, but Twitter has yet to respond.

Twitter users reliant on local Internet providers who attempted to log onto Twitter were redirected to a page showing the court’s decision.

In response, users changed their DNS servers to international providers such as Google’s DNS service and OpenDNS. This appears to be a good method for bypassing the censorship. Following the ban, Twitter usage in Turkey increased 138%!

On March 22, the government blocked Twitter’s IP address in order to thwart those using international servers from accessing the site.

Twitter's IP addresses are blocked from Turkey Twitter’s IP addresses are blocked from Turkey

On March 29…

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