Week 08 -” Relinquishing your right to privacy for a world of open connectedness – the modern space of surveillance”

Exploring Studio Spaces

We live in a day and age where virtually everyone who has ever accessed the Internet, has left a permanent track of digital footprints. This on-line culture of “connecting and sharing” has blurred the line of individual privacy, and has simultaneously raised the question “how much is too much?”. Technological advancements over the past decade has expanded the accessibility of the Internet, enabling people to establish a constant connection to the Internet on-the-go via portable devices such as smartphones, laptops, PDAs, and electronic tablets – and with this seemingly innocuous commercial technological convenience, comes  potentially malevolent consequences.

To the technologically inexperienced, these portable network devices serve primarily as what they have been commercially intended  – connecting and sharing content between a range of people, on-line shopping, web browsing, etc. However; to the more technologically saavy, these network devices can be exploited, sometimes, with malicious intent – transforming these “connecting and…

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