What is the Deep Web & TOR?

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What is the Deep Web & TOR?

PLEASE NOTE: Pay close attention to how the author (MSM Article) carefully leaves you with the impression that the real internet is only for criminals so you shouldn’t even think about using it! Propaganda as per usual.

IF YOU think you are accessing the whole internet through browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, you are completely wrong.

These surface browsers only give you access to four per cent of the actual internet. Then there is the hidden mass of content, known as the Deep Web.

Although the Deep Web and anonymous browsing through TOR has been around for a while, it has recently come to the attention of the mainstream due to shows such as Netflix’s House of Cards.

So what is this mysterious Deep Web?

Deep Web2

It’s called the “Deep Web” because it is, well, deep and contains all of the websites…

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