Bitcoin and Terrorism

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I made a prediction over a year ago that I kept getting bad dreams/feelings about Bitcoin.  In theory, I like the idea of Bitcoin.  A lot of my friends are really excited about Bitcoin and alternative currencies.  Now, today there is an article which gets my attention about Isis linked terrorists using Bitcoin to fund themselves worldwide, see HERE.  ISIS/Al-Cia-Da are funded by the west/elites.  They hate Bitcoin and I think this is simply an attempt to shut down/regulate Bitcoin and other rogue currencies under the umbrella of ‘safety’ and the ‘war on terrorism.’  Let’s add 2+2 and not get 5.  Here is what I am seeing when I do the addition- let’s add this Bitcoin+Terrorism idea to their idea they keep trying to link arab islamic terrorists to patriots.  Who likes Bitcoin anyway?  A lot of people in the liberty movement.  I think this is a red flag…

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#Cisco Voice Engineer + #CUCM, get Networking & Security skills, £45K #Oxfordshire #Buckinghamshire – plse RT


Ideally you have these:

BE6K, Unity, CME, PSTN connectivity (ISDN, SIP), CUCM – minimum of v9, Call routing, Dial Peers.

and ideally some exposure to these:

Presence,  Cisco collaboration application – Webex, Cisco Voice application – Jabber.


Contact: Neil Mills – MillsHill – 01803 321233

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Reboot & update your router in half the time with warm reloads!

CCIE or Null!

Reloading a router can sometimes feel right like an eternity, usually when you issue a reload you can step away get a cup of coffee sit back down and the router should be just about be ready. For quite a while now (well since before 12.4 which lets admit is a long time ago) we’ve had to ability to ‘warm’ boot Cisco routers and cut the reload time in half! The first question we probably ask, is what exactly does the router do differently to decrease the time it takes to reload? Well, When you want a router boot, what is one of the first things you see it doing?  Usually you see the router reading the flash card, grabbing the IOS and decompressing it into RAM, when you enable the warm reload feature the router skips this steps because it keeps this information in a reserved portion of memory.

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