FOR SALE: 29,656.51306529 Bitcoins

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Bidding starts at 9 AM Monday, June 16, 2014.

The prize in question… “SILKROAD SEIZED COINS.”

The US government posted a notice to auction off bitcoins seized from the Silk Road bust on their US Marshals website. The bitcoins are being auctioned off in blocks of 3,000 and a winning bid requires a wire transfer of $200,000 to verify that your bank resides in the United States.

Any bids placed by those attempting to gain back the bitcoins in an effort to aid the now defunct Silk Road won’t be accepted. There are legitimate people interested in this auction. According to VICE Media’s Motherboard, bitcoin investing firm Falcon Global Capital expressed interested in taking part in the auction.

Here is the US Marshals Service post announcing the auction that starts today, Monday, June 16 and ends Monday June 23.

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You have one week to purchase and…

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