Bitcoin and Terrorism

KNOWITNEXT Psychic Predictions


I made a prediction over a year ago that I kept getting bad dreams/feelings about Bitcoin.  In theory, I like the idea of Bitcoin.  A lot of my friends are really excited about Bitcoin and alternative currencies.  Now, today there is an article which gets my attention about Isis linked terrorists using Bitcoin to fund themselves worldwide, see HERE.  ISIS/Al-Cia-Da are funded by the west/elites.  They hate Bitcoin and I think this is simply an attempt to shut down/regulate Bitcoin and other rogue currencies under the umbrella of ‘safety’ and the ‘war on terrorism.’  Let’s add 2+2 and not get 5.  Here is what I am seeing when I do the addition- let’s add this Bitcoin+Terrorism idea to their idea they keep trying to link arab islamic terrorists to patriots.  Who likes Bitcoin anyway?  A lot of people in the liberty movement.  I think this is a red flag…

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