Kinder-gized! BuzzFeed’s On a $50 Million Buzz and Gov’t: Beware the Bitcoin


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Chairman and CEO, Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI), the brains behind Master Limited Partnerships or MLP’s (you should really google that one but hint: it gives major corporations tax-free status), decided to consolidate all four of his energy companies to the tune of $71 billion. Who is he, you might be wondering? Well as of today he helms the fourth largest energy company in the US with about 80,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines. He had (has?) four companies now under one roof. Lots of very important fiscal matters precipitated this decision which will be saved for another blog post (perhaps on somebody else’s blog). Shares of the stock went up 11% on the news. What all this means for you? Not much unless, of course you are an investor in the company, in which case your dividend is going up about 16% next year. As for KMI, well, it gives…

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