Chapter 2: Classes Commence

Roll Tide, Ryan

August 20, 2014

It’s Day 4 here on campus, and definitely a day I’ve been anticipating for a while. For those who know me well, I didn’t wake up at 7:30—I woke up a the more appropriate 7:35. After getting out of the shower, I checked my phone and received a text from Jacob who I met last night reference an email. I checked the email and lone behold, my 9:00 class was canceled. Off to a great start, huh! Matt, who’s also in CS 260 was in the shower at the same time as me and I caught him when he got out and what a delighted look on his face he had when he learned that the first class of his junior year was canceled. By 9:30, we set off to Fresh Foods Co. for breakfast before his 11:00 class.

My ROTC class, National Security & Leadership, met…

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