Pong Game


Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 8.21.50 PM

This is a classic arcade game played by two individuals in a head-to-head competition. Each player controls a paddle and hits the ball back to the other player, somewhat like Ping Pong. The classic game goes from right to left but I decided to change it up and add some color. I used the Processing language to program the game. I also implemented an overlap detection algorithm. It works like this.

void checkPaddleCollision() {
if ((ballX+ballR)>paddle1X && (ballX-ballR)<paddle1X+paddleWidth) {
if (ballY+ballR>paddle1Y)  {
speedY*=-1.1; //revese ball direction

if ((ballX+ballR)>paddle2X && (ballX-ballR)<paddle2X+paddleWidth) {
if (ballY-ballR<paddle2Y+paddleHeight)  {
//Prevents the paddle from going off the screen
if (paddle1X<=0) {
if (paddle2X<=0) {

For all the code click here.

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