The Quest For the CCNP RS Certification

The Network Ananse

My circuitous quest for the CCNP begun almost 4 years ago while working with a medium size Service Provider. I had completed my CCNA about 6 months prior to deciding to pursue the CCNP and had spent that period ramping up on my real-world experience on the job.

I opted to take the then BSCI 642-901 Routing Exam first and proceed with the other 3 exams later on ie the BCMSN,ISCW and ONT. About a month into my studies Cisco announced the retiring of the 4-exam CCNP and its replacement with the ROUTE, SWITCH and TSHOOT exams. I knew I didn’t have much time as I was about half way through my planned scheme of study and decided to put in more effort .

Unfortunately life happened and before I realized, it was a week to the deadline. I decided to make an attempt at winging the exam and called the…

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Неоднозначность преобразования multicast IP-группы в mac-адрес и L2 свитч

Не так давно меня попросили разобраться в проблеме появления лишнего трафика на порту свитча Cisco 4924, к которому подключен преобразователь из IP-мультикаст в DVB-C или аналоговый сигнал (проще говоря, некая железка для организации услуги кабельного телевидения, не знаю точно чем она занимается). Схема включения включения выглядит так:


Устройства MR1, MR2, MR3 – преобразователи IP multicast в КТВ-сигнал, далее просто потребители мультикаста. На порту Gi1/1 свитча sw1 по графику утилизации было примерно 110Мбит/с, а инженер, ответственный за оборудование MR1 утверждал, что он запрашивает мультикаста всего на 70Мбит/с, тем самым возник вопрос откуда взялось ещё 40Мбит/с трафика. Порты свитча Te1/29, Gi1/1, Gi1/2 включены в vlan 10, в vlan 10 igmp-snooping включен, таблица igmp-snooping содержит записи, ничего подозрительно замечено не было.

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4 easy ways to fail a coin or a startup.

Angry Administrator

-Failure to delegate tasks.
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-Failure to install software required for business continuation.
Yes, the IT-guy turns inward on himself, stops responding and takes weeks and months to implement simple solutions that the project managers require in order to continue. Be proactive and do it yourself? Keep pressing? Find new IT-guy?

Read more: “6 mistakes entrepreneurs make with their initial IT-infrastructure”

-Failure to communicate with key people.
If people with knowledge do not communicate this knowledge to key people who require it, such as project managers, interaction designers and web designers, the project will fail. They need to know partners, potential investors, contracts and who the rest of the team is.

-People operating outside their core compentences..
If people operate outside their core competences, they will eventually loose track of key details in other aspects. A programmer attempting to lead a project while programming and…

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