ChangeTip, A New Way To Send And Receive Bitcoin Tips

Diary of Dennis

There is a new fun way to send and receive tips and donations over the internet. The service is called ChangeTip and it’s basically a micropayments infrastructure for the web and they allow you to send and receive the digital currency Bitcoin.

You know how it is to receive “likes” and to give “likes” on social media sites. But what would be if you could tip people who create content you like, or what if people could tip you because they like the content you create? If you think about this, than you do understand what ChangeTip is about. It makes it possible and it is fun and it just takes seconds to send or receive a tip there.

At the time I write this post, ChangeTip does already support Bitcoin tipping on Twitter, Reddit, Github, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr and StockTwits. But I think there’s more to come because…

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