9 Mar 2015 (AFR,FTimes) – Apple soars but keep your eye on the ball – Symbolic events and milestones in financial markets can be misleading

Aussie Business Barometer

[COMMENT: There is some very interesting information in this article from the AFR c/- the Financial Times, regarding some key stock market indexes and their history. Read on…]

(9 March 2015, AFR, p19, John Authers)

‘We cannot help it. As humans, we need landmarks to guide us. We love round numbers. Once used to them, we cannot tell when they lead us astray. Bear this in mind when looking at the latest market milestones. On March 2, the Nasdaq Composite closed above the level of 5000. This was only the third day it had ever reached that level. The first two had come in March 2000, at the top of the arguably the biggest speculative bubble in sharemarket history.’

Read the full story for details on: Nasdaq, Apple’s contribution, which stocks are in the Nasdaq and why? The Dow Jones Industrial index, teh S&P500 index, and more

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