Established European Nation to Operate in Bitcoin

Have you heard of Liberland? Of course you have! It is, after all, the largest and wealthiest nation between Croatia and Serbia. For the unenlightened among us, Liberland is a European Nation that prides itself for its social and economic freedom. Liberland, the 50th largest nation in territory among European Nations, offers its citizens freedom of currency. The incredibly free, libertarian sovereign state also offers its members freedom of political ideology, unless, of course, they are a communist.

Despite a promise of allowing its citizens to choose their own currency, the government has stated that they will most likely operate in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin users around the world jumped in joy at the news.

Wow! A real country? Using Bitcoin! This is just the positive press release Bitcoin needs! Soon widespread adoption will occur, and every country is going to use Bitcoin. Its time to buy, the moon is near.

The news was…

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