Bill Gross fears death; a coming thirty-year bear market


Bill Gross is in a brooding mood, to put it lightly.

The bond-market king’s latest market commentary, published Monday, starts off with an extended discussion of Bill Gross’ own mortality before segueing into a series of bleak predictions for bond and stock markets in coming years, where he argues money managers will defensively endure many years of negative returns and even be pleased with average returns just 3% higher than the risk-free rate.

Here’s Gross on his own impending demise:

Having turned the corner on my 70th year, like prize winning author Julian Barnes, I have a sense of an ending. Death frightens me and causes what Barnes calls great unrest, but for me it is not death but the dying that does so . . .

What I fear most is the dying . . . the suffering that . . .will accompany most of us along that…

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