Bitfusion Helps Developers Get More Power Out Of Their Existing Hardware


While our computers today are often extremely fast, most applications aren’t optimized for the hardware platform they are running on. Libraries are often compiled for a generic platform and can’t make use of the specific features of a given CPU, for example.

Bitfusion, which debuted today at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, wants to automate all of this for developers and promises that this first iteration of its solution can result in speed improvements of up to 4x. That’s only by building and selecting pre-optimized versions of popular open-source libraries that many popular applications rely on. Some of the markets the company is targeting include pharmaceutical and bioinformatics companies, as well as data analysis software.

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The company, which was founded by three former Intel employees in Austin, also today disclosed that it has raised a $1.45 million seed funding round from Data Collective, Resonant VC, and Geekdom — the…

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