Linqapp, Which Lets You Get Real-Time Language Answers From Real People, Launches On iOS


The last time I enrolled in a Mandarin language program was back in 2007, light years away in terms of technology. I considered myself lucky because I had a Besta CD-618 electronic dictionary and a weekly language partner to answer questions about slang and other words that weren’t in my (very dry) textbooks.

If Linqapp had existed back then, however, I would have passed out with joy. The app, which just launched on iOS, lets you pose questions to thousands of native speakers around the world. In the case of popular languages like Chinese, Spanish and English, you usually get answers to your questions in a few minutes.

Linqapp launched in October 2013 and now has 25,000 users who answer questions regularly. It’s a handy alternative to Google Translate when you need help from a human.

For example, I needed to buy a paint can key from a hardware…

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