Wellth Takes A Crack At Reducing The Cost Of Health Care With Steady Monitoring


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More than ever, insurers and healthcare providers are looking for ways to reduce the cost of patient care. Wellth, which launched onstage today at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, thinks it solved one step of the puzzle.

Many times, patients leaving a hospital will not follow the instructions given by caregivers, and the caregivers often don’t have the time to follow up with every patient. Using Wellth, patients keep track of their medical activities with the application, such as taking medication daily or registering their weight, and that information is shared with primary caregivers.

By doing that, Wellth can gather data about cases like diabetes and figure out what the best approach to constructing the best care patterns for individuals, CE nm x uzO Matt Loper said. Then, those individuals can be financially incentivized to follow those guidelines. It’s something that was partially inspired by Amazon’s recommendation model, he said.

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