An Interview With A Drone Painter Who Made A Poop Portrait of Eric Schmidt


If you happen to be staying in San Francisco during the long Memorial Day weekend, one of the things you can do is see the art in the F.A.T. Gold Retrospective at Gray Area in the Mission District.

F.A.T. Gold is a collective of hackers, engineers, musicians, and graffiti artists who have created punk projects that have unleashed fake Google Streetview cars onto the roads of Berlin to a Free Universal Construction Kit that makes pieces from Lego, Lincoln Logs and K’nex kits connected.

“What I love about the F.A.T. Lab projects is how joyful, trashy and funny they are,” said Golan Levin, who created the universal construction kit as a critique on how corporate-created children’s toys are not inter-operable. “They never took themselves too seriously. There’s a certain kind of contemporary punk in it.”

Below is a short video about the group’s work:

And what follows is an edited…

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