Foursquare Ups Recommendation Game With Latest Update


Foursquare has today released an update that is meant to improve recommendations for users. Though it doesn’t look all that different, the app has been given an under-the-hood makeover.

Foursquare is now using even more information about you — places you’ve been, liked, saved, tastes, and people you follow — to determine what your homescreen should show you each time you open the app. Foursquare has already been using this type of information to feed you recommendations, alongside time of day and location.

However, this latest update comes with a re-tooled algorithm that will simply make Foursquare’s recommendations more proactive and useful.

Recently, Foursquare started letting users check out recommendations on the app without on-boarding and creating a profile, which includes selecting various tastes and other preferences to enhance the experience. That said, recommendations given to users who have yet to create a profile have also been improved.

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