GoPro Working On A VR Camera Array And Quadcopter Drone


Today, GoPro announced that it was working on an array that combines 6 GoPro Hero cameras for spherical shots all at once. CEO Nick Woodman says that when Facebook bought Oculus, the ‘gauntlet was dropped’ and GoPro started work on a spherical setup that could generate content for virtual reality and augmented reality systems.

Woodman also said that the company has software in ‘alpha’ right now inside the company that allow users to auto-sync their GoPro cameras to the cloud to allow them to access their footage. This is still in ‘early stages’, Woodman said, but this would theoretically allow people to view and edit without ever “having to touch an SD card or touch a USB cord.

The company is also working on a quadcopter drone for aerial photography using GoPro cameras.

“It seemed natural to us that we’re in the GoPro enabling business and drones are the ultimate…

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