Shazam just rolled out this surprising new feature


Shazam, the app known for allowing users to press a button and have their phone detect a song that’s playing, is breaking into a new market. The company announced Thursday a new feature that identifies objects in the real world.

Along with the new update comes a bevy of fresh partnerships. Shazam is working with companies like Disney to offer users new interactive content around physical items. A user can open the Shazam app, click a new camera feature, scan a Shazam icon and open the sometimes-exclusive content related to the visual. There are partnerships with a range of other companies and products, including Target, The Wall Street Journal, Warner Bro., Evian, HarperCollins and Time Inc., parent company of Fortune.

Shazam CEO Rich Riley, a former longtime Yahoo exec, told Fortune the new feature lets users tap into a range of capabilities, including the ability “to share, to…

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There won’t be much left in Greek banks by the time the ECB gets the keys


Greece’s banks continue to haemorrhage deposits as the population tries to protect itself from a possible exit from the Eurozone.

Figures released Friday by the European Central Bank showed that another €5.6 billion in deposits left the banking system in April, and means that €32 billion–almost 20% of total deposits in the system–has been pulled since November, when former Prime Minister Antonis Samaras triggered the latest chapter of Greece’s crisis by calling new elections.

GreekdepositsSource: ECB

Those elections ushered in a government led by the radical left-wing Syriza party, on a platform that promised Greeks an end to austerity without losing the euro. The country’s creditors in the Eurozone and International Monetary Fund have repeatedly refused to go along with that, with the result that the country is now running out of money fast.

Greece’s government has claimed regularly this week that it will reach a deal with its creditors…

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Oculus Rift and a VR-ready PC will cost $1,500, CEO says


The Oculus Rift is prepared to melt your perceived reality in early 2016 — if you have the proper PC. If not, a new, Rift-ready PC plus the headset itself should cost around $1,500, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe said today at the Re/codeconference. “We are looking at an all-in price, if you have to go out and actually need to buy a new computer and you’re going to buy the Rift… at most you should be in that $1,500 range,” he said (via Re/code). He didn’t provide a standalone price for the Rift, but Oculus has already divulged its recommended PC specs and they’re fairly hefty.

Oculus Chief Architect Atman Binstock said earlier in May that these specs will apply to the lifespan of the Rift and that the price of such a powerful rig should drop over time. Iribe echoed that idea today, noting that he’d like…

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Pixelmator’s photo-editing app is coming to the iPhone


After testing the waters on Mac and iPad successfully, Pixelmator is now bringing its highly rated image editor to Apple’s iPhone. Finally. Most notably, the application will feature new editing elements to assist while you’re on the go, including a distort tool that lets you warp a photo to your liking and see the changes in real-time. The soon-to-be universal iOS app is going to be available for $5 starting tomorrow, or as a free update to people who already own the iPad version. Oddly enough, the Pixelmator app seems to have disappeared from the App Store in recent hours, but we’re sure it’ll be back there in time for tomorrow’s scheduled launch.

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Source:Pixelmator, App Store

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Apply Now For Startup Battlefield At Disrupt San Francisco


Applications for the Startup Battlefield at Disrupt SF are now open!

The event will take place on September 21st-23rd at the lovely Pier 70. Each day of Disrupt, Startup Battlefield companies pitch for six minutes on-stage with the world watching through a live video stream. Founders then face a live question and answer session with our judges — investors, founders and CEOs. Former judges include David Lee (SV Angel), Roelof Botha (Sequoia Capital), Kevin Rose (Google Ventures), Hunter Walk (Homebrew VC), Marissa Mayer (Yahoo) and many others.

Battlefield companies also receive free demo space in Startup Alley, tickets to VIP events, a Battlefield-only reception, and of course, swag.

We’re looking for new, un-launched startups to debut on the Disrupt Stage. As Disrupt NY’s batch would indicate, we like to keep things diverse. All verticals are welcome from biotech to security, supercomputing to ecommerce, on-demand services to battery technology, mobile…

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Foursquare Ups Recommendation Game With Latest Update


Foursquare has today released an update that is meant to improve recommendations for users. Though it doesn’t look all that different, the app has been given an under-the-hood makeover.

Foursquare is now using even more information about you — places you’ve been, liked, saved, tastes, and people you follow — to determine what your homescreen should show you each time you open the app. Foursquare has already been using this type of information to feed you recommendations, alongside time of day and location.

However, this latest update comes with a re-tooled algorithm that will simply make Foursquare’s recommendations more proactive and useful.

Recently, Foursquare started letting users check out recommendations on the app without on-boarding and creating a profile, which includes selecting various tastes and other preferences to enhance the experience. That said, recommendations given to users who have yet to create a profile have also been improved.

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Airbnb Hopes To Have Almost A Million Stays A Night By Summer


Over 500k people are staying in an Airbnb tonight. And the company hopes to have nearly 800k staying in one by this summer. CEO Brian Chesky gave these numbers at Code today, revealing his wide-eyed plan for the housing yield-management startup.

In addition to wanting there to be a million stays by summer, Chesky expressed his desire for Airbnb to own all experiences around a vacation:

“Let’s say you get off a plane in Paris. People don’t go to cities to stay in homes,” he told Kara Swisher onstage. “They go to cities to have an experience. What would you want in Paris?” “A French person yelling at me,” joked Swisher. “Okay, imagine that you can do it on demand.”


While he did confirm that they would not be doing flights, Chesky remained vague, though he did say he wanted Airbnb users to be able to design their entire trip experience through…

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